The Board

Scot Ursum

Member Since: 2003

Bio: Although I've been involved in sports my whole life, I didn't start running until my early 30's. After my first 5K I was hooked on the competitiveness of the sport. After a miserable 2003 Riverbank Run 25K, I decided to check out a run club that would later be called RunGR, and I found that I was training all wrong. Not all training runs had to be at a tempo pace and I had to run slower in order to get faster, which seemed totally counterproductive. I put faith in our coach's training plan and I got my Boston Marathon qualifying time at the 2003 Chicago Marathon. Since then, I've accomplished things in the sport of running that I never would've imagined I was capable of, and have met some amazing people along the way.

Fun Fact: Once beat Kyle Cutler in an alternating progression workout.

Drew Hendriksen

Member Since: Coming Soon!

Bio: Coming Soon!

Fun Fact: Coming Soon!

Sonja Perakis

Member Since: Coming Soon!

Bio: Coming Soon!

Fun Fact: Coming Soon!

Lisa Barrett
Marketing Director

Member Since: 2013

Bio: After gaining a significant amount of weight in my late 20#39;s, I joined RunGR days after my 30th birthday with big hopes to get healthy and run my first 10K, but in true RunGR fashion, I found myself training for a half-marathon and 25K instead. Before joining this group, I never considered myself a runner, having only run a couple of 5Ks. Now I#39;ve run two full marathons, over 20 half-marathons (or longer), a triathlon and a duathlon. I love the structured workouts, training plans, and coaching that has helped me to continue to accomplish new goals every year. Besides my improved health and the goals that I#39;ve achieved, the friendships I#39;ve gained from RunGR is by far my favorite part of this awesome group.

Fun Fact: I have two hidden talents: creating balloon animals and parallel parking.

Nick Liversedge
Membership Director

Member Since: 2014

Bio: At the age of 10 I joined a running club at my elementary school and ran my first 5k race in over 28 minutes. Motivated, I trained all summer and ran my second 5k race in 23 minutes. After seeing the results of hard work over those two races and a short period of time, I was hooked. Since then, running has truly been a lifelong sport. I competed at the state level in high school, graduated from Hillsdale College on an athletic scholarship, and now have my dream career in the running industry. Today I continue to train, race and most importantly, live through the sport. I joined RunGR in 2015 and ever since have appreciated the community, accountability and purpose that the group provides.

Fun Fact: Nick still holds the middle school mile record at Forest Hills Central Middle School and welcomes any current FHC Middle schooler to challenge him for the record: any time, any place.

David Billingsley
Social Chair

Member Since: 2010

Bio: I have been running for over thirty years now and a member of RunGR for eight. I started with the group hoping to improve my running. Little did I know that it would also improve my life. I came for the running and I have stayed for all of the amazing people in the group. My training has evolved from running marathons to racing 5k#39;s. The most fun that I have though is in Mike#39;s training; I run those faster than my races.

Fun Fact: I#39;ve had to ask Dave Jorgensen to be quiet on long runs because he was talking too much.

Kyle Cutler
Race Director

Member Since: 2009

Bio: I have been a distance runner ever since I switched from soccer to track in high school. My coach didn#39;t know what to do with me, so he tossed me in a 2 mile event for the first meet and I ended up winning it. I remember thinking how long 8 laps was going to seem, but many decades later here I am! I have run a variety of races, including marathons.

Fun Fact: Half marathons are my favorite distance. When not running, I#39;m a small farm enthusiast.